Squirrel Prevention


Squirrels are adorable and cute; who would want to hurt them? On the other hand, they can be irritating and harmful to our gardens, flowerbeds, house, and shed.

Luckily, there are natural repellents and tricks that you can use on your property to repel squirrels effectively. In this article, we will give you 7 tips to keep these little rascals away without hurting them.

Ultrasonic squirrel repellent


If you are looking for a device capable of quickly repelling squirrels and other wild animals, then one solution is the ultrasonic repellent. It’s very effective against numerous creatures, but the repellant may be less potent on others depending on the environment and the type of animals you want to keep away from your house and garden.

Since this device works with ultrasound, you must be patient and wait a few days before it is effective against squirrels. If you need results immediately, this may not be the right solution for you.

Human hair to scare away squirrels

Do not throw your hair in the trash after a haircut! You can use it to scare away squirrels and other small rodents. The smell of human hair is very unpleasant to squirrels and they hate it. Scattering the hair on the ground will make the squirrels quickly move away from the house and garden.

If you’re worried about not having enough hair, you can also use animal hair like dog or cat hair for example. So, the next time you cut your hair or trim your pet, make sure to keep it in a bag for the big day when you need to scare away squirrels.

Keep squirrels away with a water repellent


Another effective repellent against squirrels, birds, and other wild animals is the water jet repellent. There are several different models of this type of repellent that you can buy online or at your local hardware and superstore.

This type of repellent shoots a powerful jet of water as soon as it detects an unusual movement in the garden or your flowerbeds. Ideal for quickly hunting squirrels, roe deer, skunks, foxes, and even some unwanted birds.

Use blood-based fertilizer


This may sound a bit odd, but squirrels hate the smell of blood. That’s why it’s an excellent natural repellent that will scare away squirrels and other small rodents.

You can find blood powder and blood meal in garden or hardware stores, and online. After, putting this solution all over your garden, you can be sure that the squirrels will flee your land immediately.

A cage to get rid of squirrels


If you have a real problem with squirrels on your property or worse, in the attic of your house, then a cage or catch-trap is the best solution. You must be careful when buying a trap because it should be big enough to accommodate this type of rodent, but not too big that it will scare them away.

Choose a trap that can quickly catch and get rid of squirrels and other unwanted small animals. The goal here is not to kill the squirrels, but to catch them and then release them into the wild, away from your home.

Mothballs to chase squirrels

Certain odors can be effective in keeping squirrels out. Since the smell of mothballs is very strong, it’s a great tool to scare them away.

To keep squirrels away from the garden, house, or your flowerbeds, put mothballs on the ground. Also, make sure to change their location now and again to confuse the squirrels.