Skunk Prevention and Repellents


These distinct animals with characterized white and black markings can be a nuisance to have around your home. They are problematic to have around your yard or garden as they have the tendency of stealing food from the garbage, ruining your yard, and are a threat to your pets. The skunk’s spray, famous for its foul smell, is another reason why these animals should not be around.

Nevertheless, these creatures are beneficial in some way to the areas they inhabit. They help in shortening the population of pests and small rodents, but they do more harm than good. Skunks are not poisonous but close contact with them could cause nausea, eye irritation, rabies, and gagging.

What to Do To Get Rid Of Skunks

There are various ways of getting rid of skunks such as the use of floodlights, sealing off openings around the yard, and keeping garbage cans covered to mention a few. One sure way to keep skunks away from your home is by using skunk repellants.

How do Skunk Chemical Repellents Work?

Skunk repellants are chemicals or devices targeted at the striped animal's sense of smell. Skunks have a powerful sense of smell, which is why they can detect the smell of food in an area. Because of this, the smell of the chemical repellents deters them from occupying your yard or garden. Note that skunk repellants do not kill them or harm them in any way. This implies that they must continuously, use them to keep these problematic animals away.

Other Skunk Repelling Devices


Apart from chemical repellants, other devices can be used to repel these ill-mannered creatures. Some of these devices include audio and floodlight repellants. They can create an environment that the skunks cannot deal with. Audio repellant devices create sounds whose frequency is unbearable for skunks. Floodlight devices flood an area with light upon skunk detection to scare them away.

Are There State Rules For The Use Of Skunk Chemical Repellents?

There are rules and regulations in some states that guide the use of chemical repellents to keep skunks away from an area. You should do some research to find out from local and relevant authorities before use.

How effective are Skunk Chemical Repellents?

Skunk chemical repellents are highly effective in keeping skunks away. A skunk repellent is designed with repugnant chemicals that irritate the olfactory senses of skunks thereby scaring them away.

Skunk repellants save homeowners the cost of repairing homes and eradicates zoonotic diseases. There are many cases where skunk chemical repellents have been used to keep these creatures away from a specific area.

How to Use Skunk Chemical Repellents

Spray skunk chemical repellents in areas where you see these creatures. Find where they are most active, and you can use food to lure them out. You must reapply them after every few days especially after rain. These repellents come with the manufacturer's instructions. Read them to be able to use them effectively.

Skunk Repellents

The market is flooded with skunk repellents; both good and bad. Make sure to purchase the right one so you’re not flushing your money away. We have compiled a list of possible and effective skunk repellents to get today.

Havahart Critter Ridder 3146 Animal Repellent


Made of organic formula, this repellent is considered offensive for rodents like skunks. It contains a mixture of piperine, capsaicin, and black pepper that effectively repel the striped creatures. Havahart Critter when sprayed protects up to 300 square feet and offers guaranteed protection for up to 30 days. The canister features an adjustable spraying spout that makes shaking and spraying easy. Not offensive to humans, the critter ridder is ideal for lawns, gardens, basements, cellars, storage, and landscaped areas. It has a unique rain-resistant feature that protects its repelling capacity during rainfall.

FAYINWBO Solar Powered Outdoor Waterproof Animal Repeller

This is a highly effective skunk repellant that functions through the emission of emitting a mixture of ultrasonic, sonic, and powerful flashing LED strobe lights. This device works when it detects motion and goes back to sleeping mode when it doesn’t. The use of this repellant is a very eco-friendly way of keeping skunks away as no chemical is released. Also, it’s water-resistant so it will be up and running on rainy days, and easy to install.

Bonide (BND2362)

Bonide is a strong repeller that is made of a blend of repugnant substances that causes huge irritations to skunks. When a skunk smells, touches, or taste this repellant, it triggers their instinct to evade the area. It is poisonous to them as they are made of biodegradable granules.

This repeller can be applied in various sections of your home such as the garden, patio, woodpiles, swimming pools, sheds, or decks. It is easy to apply as it requires to be sprinkled around the perimeter of designated areas. They can deter skunks for up to 60 days.

Wikoo Ultrasonic Solar Animal & Pest Repeller


This skunk repeller uses LED lights and ultrasonic sound to prevent skunks from invading your surroundings. It has an adjustable motion sensor that detects motion up to 9 meters and uses a high-frequency sound, as well as strong, LED flashing lights to scare away the intruding animal. There 4 different frequency and sensitivity modes that you can choose. It comes with a rechargeable NiCd batteries that extend its functionality and cost-effective to recharge. Coming with a solid plastic cover, it is waterproof to ensure that functions under the rain, wind, snow, or ice.

Skunk repellents are highly valuable in keeping your yard, patio, garden, and any other part of your home, free of the stripped and stubborn creatures. Get any of the skunk repellents listed above to get rid of them in your home and environment.