How to get Geese off your property


Geese are some of the most unwanted birds on any property. Because they are large birds, they can cause significant damage by destroying landscapes of the environments they invade. The waste they leave behind also constitutes a major nuisance.

The process of getting geese off your property should include several steps to achieve permanent results. These steps include finding out what attracted them to your property, eliminating the factor that attracted them, and applying measures to discourage them from coming back.

Why are geese on your property?

Geese can occupy a property because there is space for them to safely keep and raise their young ones and have access to food. Geese can also be attracted to a location if it has a pond.

Getting geese off your property

After establishing the reasons why geese are on your property, you can then proceed by eliminating the factors that attracted them and applying other general methods.

Eliminate Food Source:

If geese are on a property because someone is feeding them, the right step to take is to stop the source of food. That way, after the birds visit and do not find a food source, they will look for more favorable locations to pitch their tents.

Change the Foliage:

Properties with low grass and areas that are safe for geese to keep and raise their young ones can be made unattractive by growing tall shrubs. Geese are naturally uncomfortable in areas where they do not have a line of sight and would leave in no time.

Barricade the Water Source:


If there is a pond on your property, you can limit access to the birds by creating barriers around it.

Other Methods:

Other general methods of getting geese off your property include using geese repellant that can be sprayed on the grass and reapplied after each grass cutting. You can also make a DIY geese repellant by filling an empty bottle with stones and shaking it around the geese. They will associate the bottle with danger, and whenever they come around, you can throw it in their midst. If there is a pond on or around your property, after shaking the DIY repellant to establish it as a source of danger, you can throw the bottle in the pond when the geese are around.

Measures of discouraging the birds from nesting can also be applied. For example, if the birds nested in a particular site, you can place a huge stone on that site to stop them from coming back to that area.

To get geese off your property, you need to adopt means that will discourage them based on general methods and the specific factors that attracted them. It is important to note that scaring geese off is a long-term process. You may have to scare the birds daily until you become such a nuisance to them that they go away.