Armadillo Repellents


Armadillos are mammals with a turtle-like shell on their backs. They can adapt to almost any environment. They can also cause a nuisance in one’s life by being extremely annoying and digging in the garden to hide.

They are also quite cunning and can stay hidden from humans if they see them approaching. They also like to dig in the ground to fish out small worms.

Due to these holes, they can permanently damage the sewage pipes and soil. Therefore, it is smart to look into ways to repel them.

Identify Problem Areas

To deal with the armadillos you need to identify the areas in which there is an issue. The proper way to do that is to move around the garden and carefully inspect every corner. It is also important to do this so that you can find the perfect problem to the solution.

Choosing The Repellent

Repellents are one of the most effective ways to get rid of the armadillos in your garden. There are essentially three types of repellents:

  • Unattractive scents
  • Spoiling or killing all the food sources
  • Startling them away

Based on the severity of your condition, you can use either one of the three types for armadillos.

Homemade Armadillo Repellents


The first method is that of a DIY. This is one of the most famous ways to chase away the armadillos. Here you just mix cayenne pepper in water. The cayenne paper is deadly for their senses. It gives off a really bad smell which they cannot stand.

Furthermore, mixing cayenne with water ensures that the pepper will stick to the ground when you spray it. Depending on the amount of cayenne you use, an average bottle should ideally make about 16 ounces of solution.

Cover the entire problem area with the spray and leave for some time.

Commercial Armadillo Repellents

There are many commercial armadillo repellents available on the market. Also, the commercial ones are more effective and longer-lasting than the DIY ones. The mass-produced spray comes in either a liquid form or a chunky form. You need to dissolve it in water to make the best use of it.

Just like the homemade ones, the commercial ones also focus on weakening their senses, such as smell and taste.

Similarly, like the DIY one, spray these on the problem areas, and leave for some time. As the commercially available ones are sturdier, they cover all the insects, which are hiding beneath the surface and make hem unbearable for the armadillos.

Electronic Armadillo Repellents

Another kind of repellent on the market is an electronic variety. These motion-activated devices aren't lethal for armadillos. Whenever it senses motion, it will direct a stream of water towards the source.

These devices are excellent repellents for armadillos and other types of pests.