Geese (Canadian Goose) Removal and Control

What Is A Canadian Goose?


The Canadian goose is a large wild goose. It has a black head and neck, white cheeks, a white spot just under its chin, and a brown body.

It is native to temperate and arctic regions of North America, and the Canadian goose can occasionally reach the Northern side of Europe. They are herbivorous species and also normally migratory: Canadian geese can often be found on or near fresh water.

They are successful in areas that are humanly-altered and have proven that they can adapt and live in a cultivated or urban area. These areas can provide them with food and natural predators. Now, this common park animal has been often called a pest, which leads us to the question, “why is the Canadian goose considered a pest?”

Now, they aren’t really considered pests because they are protected by state and Federal agencies, but they can be considered pests to us homeowners. The reason for this is because they have a habit of ripping apart lawns and landscaping. Worse than this, they tend to leave a large amount of their droppings.

Complaints about the Canadian Goose often include:

  • A group of this species is on a commercial property.
  • Canadian geese are befouling the lawns and sidewalks.
  • They are attacking people who pass by.
  • They are nesting on property grounds.

What About Canadian Goose Removal?

How can you get rid of these pests? There are two options: you can either call for removal services or get rid of them yourself. Either option works.

If you do not want to waste energy trying to get rid of Canadian geese yourself, then call for some help. A professional removal service near your neighborhood can get the job done.

Now, if you want to feel the satisfaction of getting rid of the goose by yourself, I suggest that you listen carefully to the things that I’m about to say. You will be able to remove that goose from your property in no time. Let’s get started!

  • Take away the secondary food source of the wild goose

    Do not give a wild goose a free handout because you can attract a whole group of them and your property will probably be filled with geese. If you feed them daily, they will get used to it, and they will no longer try to hunt for their own food because they know that their food source is with you. So, if you want that goose off of your property, try not to give them free food.

  • Try some scaring tactics

    Some deterrents like bird alarms, shell crackers, and just the simple old scarecrow can be able to keep those geese away from your property. It is only temporary though, because they will soon be unaffected by the noises. That would be the time to call for goose removal services.

  • Try a goose repellent

    If you want to get rid of a goose, you should find the proper goose repellent to use. Applying the goose repellent consistently will be able to keep the goose away from your property.

How About Canadian Goose Control?

The best methods that you can use to control the invasion of these wild geese are to seek professionals who specialize in geese control or geese removal. Using the removal methods mentioned above can also control the infestation.

The Positive Benefits of the Wild Canada Goose

Canadian geese provide a lot of positive benefits. They can provide an annual or recreational opportunity like wildlife- watching or sport hunting, which contributes to an economy. This wild goose can also give ecological benefits that aids other kinds of animals and plants. There are a lot of positive benefits that the Canadian goose can give, and some of them are aesthetic, economic, recreational, and ecological.

Aesthetic Benefit


Many people love to sit and watch the beautiful wild goose.

Recreational and Economic Benefit

Many people enjoy the recreational opportunities that the wild goose provides.

Ecological Benefit

There are many ecological benefits that a wild Canadian goose can provide. They can be an aid for the other animals and plants and they also function as seed dispersers. How you may ask? They do this by consuming a plant in a single area and then deposit the seeds in a new area when they are defecating.

The Negative Impacts of the Wild Canada Goose

Even if they have positive benefits, there will also have bad impacts. This is the reason why some people refer to a wild goose as a pest. They are responsible for damaging and ruining a lot of things.

They damage our agriculture by trampling and grazing on the crops, spring seedlings, and pastures. Canadian geese damage public, commercial, and residential properties. This species can also damage our natural resources.

Do you think the Canadian goose is a pest or not? I hope that this has given you the knowledge about Canadian goose removal and control.