How to get rats out of your garbage


If your garbage regularly experiences a series of rats that typically take over your trash area, you might be wondering how you can eliminate these rodents for good.

Trash and garbage which is scattered by rats is hazardous and will likely stink up the area that it is strewn across. As garbage areas are going to continuously be enticing to rats, finding a way that you can prevent rats from getting into your garbage is crucial.

Here are some of the best ways that you can get rats out of your garbage for good:

Make Sure You’re Disposing of Trash Regularly:

If you find yourself regularly collecting extra garbage, you might want to consider going for a run to the dump rather than letting your garbage collect. If you have more than enough garbage than your regular weekly garbage pickup, disposing of your garbage often will make sure that rats will stop visiting the area where you’re keeping it. Discouraging rats by disposing of your garbage before it becomes too enticing can be important.

Spread Ammonia across Garbage Areas:

Using ammonia on your garbage can be an excellent way to prevent rats and other pests from making their way into the garbage. Repelling these invaders with ammonia is an excellent way to make sure that you can keep anything away from your garbage. This is a highly effective method for repelling rats and keeping them away from your garbage area.

Consider using Rat Poison on Garbage Bags:

If you don’t have any pets that might get into the trash, control the rat infestation with the help of some rat poison in the garbage bags. This can be a great way to eliminate any rats that would go towards the garbage pile. Make sure that you check into local legislation before you start to use poison on rats. There could be a bylaw regarding the use of rat poison.

Make sure your Garbage Area is Sealed and Clean:

Rats can get into unusually small spaces and it often just takes a hole a little larger than a quarter for a rat to sneak in or enlarge and gain access to your garbage area. Make sure that you seal up any of the potential spaces where a rat could find its way into your garbage and use as many bins as possible to divide and seal your garbage. Having a series of pest-proof garbage cans or a dumpster that is locked and sealed can make sure you have a protective cover to keep the rats away. Clearing the dirt around your garbage and making sure that you don’t have any extra lying around will prevent rats from making their way into your garbage area.

Set Up Traps:


If you find that you still regularly see problems with rats making their way into your garbage area, setting up some rat traps can be an excellent way to get rid of them.

If you are having ongoing problems with rats in your garbage, contact a pest control professional today to address the issue.