Mouse Repellents

Rodents are regarded as a severe source of contamination and hence are a serious threat to flock health, causing considerable economic loss. The perfect way to manage mice in your home or business is to be proactive and keep them away in the first instance. We have some specific strategies you can employ to keep them away. There are effective strategies that do not involve the use of potentially dangerous chemicals.

Mice are also very intelligent and you need a plan that factors in their behaviors and thought processes. Simply spraying some smelly stuff isn’t actually going to turn them away. You need to mess with their psyche! This is exactly why a repellant should be just one part of a larger strategy for fending them off.

Peppermint Oil


You do not need to use potentially dangerous chemicals to keep mice away. Rodents do not like the smell of peppermint and will go to great lengths to avoid it. In addition, peppermint oil gives a fresh, inviting scent to a home or business.

Strategically using peppermint oil to keep mice away is easy:

  • Place a couple of drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball.
  • Place cotton balls in locations at which mice are most apt to enter your home.
  • Peppermint oil cotton balls should be replaced about once a week.
  • Consider growing peppermint plans near entryways to your home or business.

Using Non-Lethal Mouse Traps

Another more humane alternative is the non-lethal traps. They're usually used to catch them without harming the mice. Most of these traps are described as bait-based traps, it lures them into a tight space that makes it impossible for them to climb back out. As far as bait goes, mice have a bit of a sweet tooth, so it always works as they can’t seem to resist.

The use of cookie crumbs, some chocolate, or even peanut butter definitely works as it entices the mouse. The best place to lay the traps are around areas where they frequent, areas with droppings, and areas with signs of rodent activity. This method only works out well if there isn’t already a full-blown mice infestation present.

Also, when you plan to let them free, it is advisable you travel a minimum of half a mile from your home to ensure that they will not come right back. This strategy is usually tasking and takes a considerable amount of effort instead of using poison.


Rodenticides are described as poisonous pesticides that kill rats and mice. If the mouse population has gotten high, it may be best to contact a licensed pest control professional, as they have access to and knowledge of proper use of bulk rodenticides. Nevertheless, it is always recommended that homeowners use traps to control and eliminate mice. When any pesticide or rodenticide is used, all label directions must be read and precisely followed.