How to get Skunks out of your Yard


If there are skunks in your yard, first, you need to know that the most effective way of getting rid of skunks is by using traps. You have to figure out what lured the skunk into your yard, most of the time it is food. They tend to find more edible things in the yard than they do in the forest. If there is an abundant food source in your yard you need to reorganize and tidy your yard, this is to prevent more skunks from joining the party.

After this, you need to ensure that the skunk you are attempting to get rid of has been seen at least three times so that you can have a range of locations for the traps you are about to set. Visit your local garden center and purchase a cage trap, you have to use a tarp to cover the cage to avoid spraying from the skunk. It prevents the skunk from seeing you because skunks only spray when they see their target.

Doing it Yourself


You can easily know when there is a skunk in your yard because of the horrible smell they emit, it lingers for a long time, can be perceived from a long distance, and sticks to your clothes. Besides its smell, its appearance is undeniable and easily distinguishable. There are different levels of skunk infestations because skunks tend to live, reproduce, and die in places where they can get food in abundance, and yards are the best examples of those places.

Though trapping skunks is the most effective way of ridding yourself of these pests, it is not legal to trap animals in all states, so you need to inquire with your local wildlife removal agency. If trapping is allowed in your state, then go ahead and rent or purchase a trap from your local garden center. Place the trap at the location you have seen the skunk in your yard (this can be a hole it bore in your yard). You can also make use of a trap door; place it at the entrance of the burrow through which the skunk exits the hole. Always check the cage daily to see if the skunk has been caught. Once the trap has caught the skunk, you can then relocate the skunk somewhere far away from your yard (at least 10 miles). Patch or cover any holes it may have dug in your yard in order to discourage its return.

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Prevention and Repelling

Taking away any food source for skunks in your yard is one way of preventing their arrival or getting rid of them. Ensure you have airtight garbage cans and pick up any littered trash to get rid of food that might be of interest to skunks. Several repellants have been said to prevent skunks from entering your property, but many of them have to be continuously reapplied for its effective rate to be significant. However, tabasco, predator urine, mothballs, and ammonia have also been proven to be effective.