Snake Prevention


Snakes, commonly found in areas with temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, are an animal that nobody wants to have around their home. Spring and summer are periods that snakes enjoy, but no one really has to deal with the feat of having those scaly, legless creatures slithering around your living space. You have to think about the safety of your family and pets, which is why you should snake-proof your home.

Preventing snakes can be quite simple, and usually, it is best to contact a professional pest and wildlife control company. However, if you don’t want to hire a wildlife control company, you can follow these steps below to prevent snakes from making your property a home.

Remove hiding places

Snakes live in damp, dark places such as holes, cracks, and crevices. Block every hole around your home immediately you notice it. You want to make sure snakes don’t have anywhere to nest or breed. Check your home’s exteriors for damaged pipes, ventilation ducts, and gutters. Store firewood in sealed boxes and remove any form of mulch or compost from around your property.

Get rid of their food supply

Snakes are commonly found places they can access food. Snakes feed on rodents, and this is perhaps, the only positive side of snakes. They can help you deal with your rodent problem within a short time, but of course, we know you don’t want both snakes and rodents around. Snakes are also known to feed on birds, frogs, moles, fish, and insects.

Thus, if you have any of these in large numbers around your home, you should work on getting rid of them first. If snakes don’t have a source of food around your home, they will find other places to breed.

Spruce up your landscaping

Sometimes, it can be as simple as making changes to your property’s landscape to stop snakes from gaining access. Install snake-proof fencing with features like plastic sheeting and steel mesh. You can also put materials that deter slithering animals all over your property, such as gravel, pinecones, holly leaves, and eggshells. Some plants such as lemongrass and marigold act as snake repellent as well.

Natural Predators


Animals like raccoons and foxes are known to feed on snakes. You can spread fox urine around your property. Other animals that prey on snakes include cats, turkeys, guinea hens, and pigs.

Natural Products

There are natural products that you can spray around your property to keep snakes away. Some of them include naphthalene, ammonia, sulfur, onions and garlic, clove and cinnamon oil, lime, and vinegar. You should be careful with these as some of them can be harmful to pets and children. Use them sparingly and carefully.

Smoking Out

Snakes are extra sensitive to smells, and they don’t do well when exposed to strong fumes and odors, especially smoke. To prevent snakes from living on your property, dig a fire pit and let it to smoke for days can help.

With these home remedies, keeping snakes away should no longer be a problem. If all fails, however, you can get in touch with a wildlife control company for a more professional, hands-on, and thorough approach to removing snakes as well as other rodent control services.

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