Do Armadillos Bite? And Other Cool Facts!


Armadillos have a bad reputation because of their armor, overall appearance, and the fact most of us do not know much about these little creatures.

Many people wonder how dangerous armadillos really are and if they bite. You may do your own research and find slightly different answers to this question and in a way, there is not exactly a yes or no answer.

Do they bite?

Because armadillos’ mouths are so small they are not likely to bite you. The main worry about being bitten by an armadillo goes back to them carrying leprosy which can paralyze other animals and even humans. But they are more likely going to protect themselves using their long claws than biting with their tiny mouth.

Armadillos mainly eat bugs and insects, so you don’t have to worry about them coming after you or your pets!

Low-risk transmitters

Some animals have a higher percentage of transmitting rabies than other creatures in the wild. Armadillos are in the category of low risk transmitting animals along with rabbits and opossums.

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Walking Tanks


They are known as walking tanks or little creatures with amour. These cute little critters have a thick shell, but it all depends on the species of armadillo, also the weight of these shells can add up to 15 percent of their whole body weight. Great protection from potential predators.

Impossible to kill?

Not entirely, however it is impossible to kill armadillos with poison. These creatures will not eat any other food other than live worms they forage from under the ground. They will not be tempted to eat any food on the ground that they find and do not know. So you won’t be tricking any of these creatures to take a sip of some tainted brandy!



Armadillos are all about the nightlife, yeah not quite the partying and social aspects, but they are nocturnal and do most of their foraging in the night time. You will still see them come out during the day, normally in colder weather or after a big rainfall. They will often look for worms and other delicious things to eat.

During the day they will normally be sleeping in their burrows, another reason why most of us have not seen armadillos up close.

Let them be

Our advice is to understand that armadillos are wild animals and should be treated as such, with distance and respect. Look out for their claws more than their mouth, but the best advice is just let them be out in the wild. Don’t prod or threaten their space and habitat.

Now that we are a little better educated about these friendly little animals we can look out for them the next time we are walking through the woods exploring and enjoying nature and the wilderness. Just remember to be respectful, stay safe, and keep your dogs away from any small little armored tanks scurrying around!