DIY Pigeon Removal and Control

Are you tired of clearing the pigeon poop from window panes of your car? Do you feel it tiring to control pigeons? You have come to the right place as you will find a plethora of tips here to manage and remove pigeons. Though you might find it challenging to keep the pigeons away, this guide will make the process effortless for you.

Particularly if you live in a city, pigeon nuisances can be a significant problem for you, but nothing to worry about because we have a solution. Here is a guide to control pigeons and remove them.

Guide to removing and control pigeons

When it comes to pigeons, they invade both homes as well as businesses. Sometimes, you can find 11 inche pigeons, and other times they can also be as big as 14 inches in size. Though it feels good when they surround people, perching and nesting is something that gives bad headaches to human beings.
It's not everything, but the main problem persists with their destructive droppings causing destroy of paint, metal as well as staining the buildings. If you are also tiresome with these issues, then you certainly need some pigeon removal tips.

Scroll down to get all the tips and tricks which can be beneficial for you to remove pigeons.

Get rid of pigeon landings with bird spikes


The places where pigeons land are going to be the right places to install bird spikes to keep the pigeons away from your space. Typically, the bird spikes are placed in strips of areas very close to each other. The material used to make these spikes contain long thin spikes attached in such a way that pigeons cannot land without causing injure to themselves. Also, spikes are not too close to allow the pigeons to spread their weight over them or rest upon them. In short, it can be one of the most effortless ways to keep the pigeons away.

The only problem with these spikes is that these do not spread on your whole building or terrace, but you will have to place these on spots prone to pigeon landings such as fence tops, rooftops, chimney tops, etc.

Install bird traps for pigeons

Identical to the rat trap you use to capture the rats at home, you can also install bird traps. The only difference in the case of bird traps is that these are not deadly; however you will have to make an effort. In the very first instance, you need to bait the pigeons, and when you capture them, you can release them someplace away from your home to avoid the pigeons coming back.

Trap the pigeons with bird nets

The most prominent thing to keep in mind is the right installation procedure as you cannot build the frame out of 2x4's. The reason is that its boards become the new destination for pigeons to land. However, you must stretch nets over spikes and thin rods as anchoring them from one side of the room to another can be the best bet to keep them off. Therefore, the greater the angle of the stretch of the net, the lesser space for pigeons to land.

Repel the pigeons with bird repellents

Bird repellents are the next practical approach to remove the pigeons. But, the only thing that we must not ignore is that no repellent can give 100 percent results alone. Instead, you must combine two or more repellents to get the best results.

Owl decoys to scare the pigeons


Scaring the birds is another best option with which we can ensure the safety of pigeons, along with keeping them away from our homes. All you need to do is place owl decoys, as owls have always been the natural predators to not only pigeons but a plethora of other birds. But, you need to make sure that you are moving the owl decoy regularly so that pigeons do not become aware of your trick.

Frighten the pigeons with ultrasonic sounds

A combination of both sonic and ultrasonic sounds can also become a useful trick to frighten the pigeons. The reason is that they hear the high pitched sounds, which are quite effortless for us to bear. Such types of noises usually frighten the pigeons, but you should use the sounds in combination with other methods, rather than alone for more effective results.

Reflective methods to dismay the pigeons


When using reflective methods, you can find a plethora of options to dismay the pigeons. The first option in this category is hanging reflectors. Though there can be a lot of shapes and sizes, you must get an owl-shaped hanging reflector. Also, you need to pay attention to the reflecting surfaces because the birds generally do not recognize the shapes, but covers that are reflecting can keep the pigeons away for sure.

Then comes the reflective tape, which is generally famous with the name "scare tape." It is a double-sided tape that comes in a roll of 300-400 feet. All you need to do is cut the tape and hang it from beams or branches. You can also place the tape on areas you want to keep the pigeons away from.

Other methods:

There are a lot of ways to keep pigeons away, but it is not possible to pin down every trick. Here are a few other methods that you can use to remove or control pigeons:

    • Spinning reflectors
    • Predator Sounds
    • Odor repellents
    • Poison bait

All the methods mentioned above are useful if you want to get rid of pigeons, but you need to use a technique that best fits your need.