How to get Mice out of your Yard


Believe it or not, your yard plays an important role in the appearance of your house. Anyone who visits for the first time will see your yard before your actual house. This is why it is necessary to keep your yard tidy and pleasing to the eye. However, you could make your yard as pleasant as possible, but it wouldn’t matter if you have pests. One particular pest that is commonly found in yards is mice.

Mice are stubborn pests. They destroy everything in their paths and refuse to leave once they enter your yard. The fact that they reproduce easily certainly helps their survival because no matter the number of traps you set, there’s always that one mouse that escapes and becomes a problem in the future. What can you do to get these annoying little creatures out of your yard?

Build sturdy fences

Yes, it sounds obvious, but prevention is actually better than cure with these animals. One of the best ways to keep intruders like mice out is to build sturdy fences that block the passage for mice. Check fences regularly to ensure that there are no holes and spaces. Mice are very sneaky animals and they can fit into cracks almost as small as half their size. Once you notice the presence of mice in your yard, thoroughly examine your fence to make sure it’s not broken.

Clean up your yard

Mice populations thrive in a dirty environment. There’s more hiding place for breeding and sleeping. Mice are nocturnal which means that you’ll hardly see them during the day. They are most likely hiding out under the piles of grass and tall wood lying around in your yard. Cut down overgrown grass and remove any foliage lying around that may potentially serve as hiding spots.

Keep your yard food free

Many times you feed your pets in the yard. Your thrash is also most likely situated in your yard too. These are potential food sources for mice. Mice are very diverse in their diet and they will eat anything from pet food to leftover food. Remove all leftover pet food from the yard and make sure your trash is properly covered. A community of mice will not thrive in your yard if there is no food to survive on.

Cover burrows


Another way mice can enter your yard, apart from just strolling through the front door, is through burrows. Mice can make long burrows from outside properties and wreak havoc in yours without a trace. Food substances will be transported to and from these burrows and you won’t suspect a thing until it is too late. Check for signs of burrows around your yard and cover any discovered ones with dirt and stones. Check again after a few days to make sure other burrows have not been opened up. Finding multiple burrows can indicate that you have a serious mouse infestation that you need to act on immediately.

Invest in proper pest control


Sometimes, mouse infestations can really get out of hand. This is the time to call the big shots to handle the job. If you feel you can no longer handle the infestation in your yard, you may want to employ the services of a professional pest management company.