How to get Opossums out of Your Attic?


If you are hearing some noise from your attic, then there is a possibility that it's a opossum. Here are some tips on how to get opossums out of your attic:

Block the entry point

Opossums can easily sneak in the attic from a small hole or any pipe. After locating the entry point your job is to block it. You can easily block the entry point using chalk. Use all methods to eliminate the opportunity for a possum to reach your attic. By closing all the holes, you are sealing your home and securing it from possums and other pests.

Make sure there is nothing rotting in your attic

As opossums are omnivores animals, it is important to check if there are any other pests present or if anything has died in the attic. Possums may appear in your attic to eat the dead animals that are decomposing.

If a opossum smells a dead animal in the attic, it will surely make its way to the attic to feed. When a possum eats the dead animal, it usually eliminates the sickly sour smell.

Dealing with opossums

If you have found the issue and the entry point for the opossum, then you can focus on dealing with the opossum. Also, you can begin your efforts for driving the opossum out of your house.

We are going to tell you some of the most effective ways of warding off this nuisance from your attic.

Use a trap


You can purchase several traps in the market for this pesky animal which has caused you so much trouble. You can also get rid of other pests which are causing you trouble by using traps. Your attic can be full of pests if you are not taking care of it.

One common type of trap that can be used for this purpose is a system of springs that are attached to a door and a bait platform. Once the possum enters the bait platform looking for bait, the system causes the door to close and lock the opossum in.

Tidy things up

Opossums are simply looking for a place in which they can crash for a few weeks. They are usually looking for places that are unorganized and where no one can disturb them. Attics are simply these unorganized places where no one can disturb them and which they feel comfortable staying for a few weeks or months.

These animals are very shy and want to be left alone. By cleaning things in the attic, you are generally removing the opportunity for the opossums to be left alone in solitude.

Other treatment methods

You should not try to make any trapping system or any other repellent yourself. Your own designed trap system or repellent might not be effective. Some natural products that can be useful are ammonia, spicy spray, and garlic.

Call a professional


If you fail in all of the above, the most convenient method is to call a professional who has experience with these types of conditions. It can cost you a bit, but, in the end, you'll be paying to have your attic cleaned safely and securely.

Also, the crew can offer you a bit of expert advice on how to prevent possums from coming back into your attic in the future. You will get peace of mind after getting advice from professionals about opossums.

Final thoughts

It can be a little tricky to get opossums out of your attic but it can be done. One of the most important things to remember is that the presence of these sneaky animals in the attic is often the first indication of a larger problem.

There can be an unsealed entry point somewhere in the attic or an unchecked food source out in the open, or both, which is quite a large problem and can cause you a bit of trouble. Make sure you locate these key points before driving opossums out.