DIY Mouse Removal

Everyone wants a clean home, but what happens when you can’t seem to get the mice out of your house? It becomes a thing of concern. Rodents create an unhealthy environment; they contaminate food and destroy properties but, have no fear! This could just be your opportunity to implement our do it yourself tips to end the mice infestation in your home. The steps we’ve put together for you are very easy, practical and sure to give you immediate results.

Table of Contents

Tip 1: DIY Trap 1


Materials Needed:

An empty plastic container of about 0.75 liters, two chopsticks, thread, paper clips, 2 rubber bands, pocket knife and peanuts as bait.


Cut a section through your container using the pocket knife, making just enough room for the mouse to crawl through. Try not to cut through completely. Next, drill a hole through the sides for the chopstick to go through, one at the upper end (just after the cut-out section) and the other at the lower end. Next, add the rubber band to connect one end of the chopstick to the other on both ends of the container. Trim the protruding edges of the chopsticks- you don’t want the mouse messing with the sticks. Knot your thread tightly around the cover of the container, and drill a hole through the bottom of the container. Attach the peanut to your safety pin and knot it at the bottom end of the plastic, with the connecting thread from the bottle cover. Voila! Your trap is ready. Once the mouse crawls into the bottle for the peanut, it’ll be trapped alive.

Tip 2: DIY Trap 2


Materials needed:

Plain A4 paper, a bucket, a lid, food chunks or peanuts as bait, and some black tape.


Pour some water into the bucket and keep the lid slightly open. Next, fold up the paper in a way that creates a circular entrance for the mouse to walk into; you can use your paper tape to secure it. Seal your paper to the lid of the bucket and add your food bait to the far end of the paper. When the mouse walks through, it’ll end up inside the bucket of water. It’s that easy!

Tip 3: DIY Trap 3

Materials Needed:

Empty soda cans, glue, water, bucket, flat wood, metal, and food bait.


Glue both ends of the can to give you one long can. Next, drill a hole through the top and bottom end of the can. Attach the small metal through the empty cans until it comes out at both ends. It is advised you solder the metal to the ends of the cans to give it a firm fit- this should be done after passing the metal through. Next, drill another hole at both sides of the upper section of the bucket (just above its handle) and fit the can perfectly through the holes you created in the bucket. You can take out the excess metal at the end of the bucket by cutting it off or bending it in. Set the wood in an inclined plane to the bucket and don’t forget to glue the peanut to the midsection of the can. Keep the room light low and watch the mouse follow the trail into the bucket of water.

Practice these steps and you’ll be saying goodbye to the rodents!