Hire a Squirrel Removal Professional

Squirrels look cute and innocent in parks, but these little creatures can quickly become a nuisance in your home. They may attempt to create a home within your home. Squirrels typically sneak into houses through holes and cracks from the exterior. They are commonly found in attics and roofs. You need to hire an animal removal professional to send these critters back to their natural habitat before they cause serious damage.

Squirrels love to live in people's attics. They can cause serious damage to your home and you could spend thousands of dollars on repairs. They chew on houses, pipes, and wires. Squirrels can also contaminate your home with their fur, droppings, urine, and parasites. Squirrels are commonly found in the following places in homes:

  • Attics
  • Chimneys
  • Inside your roof

Hire a Professional


You can find an animal removal professional in a search on Google and Angie’s List. Most cities have many professionals to choose from. Their service can cost between $250 - $500. I recommend getting an estimate from multiple contractors before hiring the right professional for you.

Furthermore, only hire a professional with a license and insurance. You could be legally liable for any accidents from the job if this person does not have a license. Always ask a professional if he or she has insurance and licenses in your state.

A professional needs to determine the source of your problems. You and your family may be hearing scratches, foot movement, and odd noises within your walls. Squirrels are most likely scratching and biting insulation. The most obvious answer is finding them in your attic.



A professional needs to determine the point of entry from your home's exterior. Squirrels enter houses through small holes from previous unseen damage. Then, they prepare their traps. They will repair the hole to prevent wildlife from reentering the same area of your home.

An animal professional uses steal cages to trap the squirrels and releases them in the wild after catching them. This can take a few days. In addition, the professional searches for a nest. A squirrel may have a nest of babies that could continue the problem. The professionals must safely remove the baby squirrels from your home.

Squirrels are nuisances of wildlife by law and cannot be legally removed by toxins. They must be humanely removed from your home. This means a professional cannot intentionally kill a squirrel to resolve the problem.

Disinfect Your Home

Furthermore, all contamination from these squirrels must be cleaned and removed for your safety. To remove parasites from your home, professionals use disinfectants and treatments. The contamination ruins your home's insulation in some cases. Your professionals will remove destroyed insulation and install new insulation.


Squirrels have strong and sharp teeth. This aspect enables them to chew any material including plastics and metal. For this reason, squirrel damage to furniture is a common scenario. When they gain access to your yard or house, they will tear your furniture. The interior material of the furniture is crucial for their nests. Sometimes, they can use the furniture as their habitat.