Armadillo Prevention


Armadillos can be a pain if they invade your front or back yard. Armadillos usually dig up small holes in the ground in search of pesticides to feed on, furthermore, they hide in the area when they see a human come around. Constant digging can be problematic for many homeowners as it looks very bad and can be a nuisance.

This is why people are always looking for ways to keep armadillos away. This article is specifically focusing on the steps you can take to steer clear of them in your yard.

Build A Powerful And Durable Fence Around The Area

The said fence can be quite low but it needs to be deeply rooted in the ground. The theory here is that the armadillos cannot jump too high but they can crawl their way in, this is why your main focus should be on having a low fence that does not have fillings.

Also, this will stop the armadillos from digging holes in the ground.

Use A Spicy Pepper


Sprinkling spicy powders, such as chili powder or cayenne, is one of the best ways to steer the armadillos away from the yard. If the animal smells such substances, they will run away as soon as they can because they cannot tolerate the odor.

Clean The Yard of Bugs

One of the main thing that attracts an armadillo are bugs and pests in an open area. Therefore, the first step to getting rid of them is to clean out the area. When there won’t be anything for them to feed on, they won’t make their way to that space.

Create An Inhospitable Environment

The best way to run out any animal is to make their living conditions unbearable. What you can do here is use long wooden chips and place them in front of any flowering plants that you might have. The wood stops the armadillo from digging in that area.

Set Bait Traps


Another brilliant way to steer clear of armadillos is to set up traps. The traps not only keep the armadillos away but also help you catch them in the act. When you catch them, you can then release them away from your property.

Get traps and put bait such as, small insects, worms, and other pests that an armadillo feeds on. The armadillos are immediately attracted to the bait, they will run to get them, and will end up being trapped.

Keep Dogs At Home

Keeping pet dogs at home or around the house also helps in keeping the ground clear of any small animals like armadillos.

However, dogs have a special effect on the armadillos because they cannot stand the body odor of them. If the armadillo senses a dog nearby, they will run away. However, they can be quite stubborn at times, so it will help if they can see the dog.

And if nothing works, then please call a professional and ask them to help you. Armadillos can be potentially dangerous around kids and toddlers!