Are Armadillos Dangerous?


Armadillos are mysterious animals to most people. Not knowing much about them can bring fear of the unknown and then ultimately the public thinks that armadillos must be extremely aggressive and dangerous animals.

Any wild animal should be respected and be treated with caution just like you would with any animal in the wild. However, armadillos are typically not dangerous animals.

If handled incorrectly they will cause some damage as they have strong claws. If they feel threatened, they may try to protect themselves. However, the majority of the time armadillos will scurry and flee away from any threat or danger.

Will, they hurt pets?

If you have a pet, you shouldn’t have to worry about armadillos threatening or being overly aggressive to even the smallest dog or cat. Armadillos are animals who like their own space and are generally calm and relaxed creatures.

Spreading Leprosy and Other Diseases

When a predator comes near an armadillo, as we have already stated, they tend to stay motionless or flee if possible. In the circumstance of an immediate threat, an armadillo will protect itself by biting and clawing at the aggressor.

When an armadillo manages to bite and scratch a pet or person it is possible to contract leprosy, rabies, and other potential diseases. So you should be careful to make sure your pets do not get into fights with armadillos as they could then pass on these diseases to you and your family.

It is important to know that accounts of armadillos attacking, or infecting pets or humans, is very low. So it shouldn’t be a great concern. If you see an armadillo, enjoy the spectacle but respect the animal's environment and space.

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Interesting Facts

Allow us to take a look at some more positive aspects of this friendly quiet creature and find out some fun interesting facts about this armored animal.

Did you know?

Did you know armadillos always give birth to four identical young? This is the only mammal we know that does this. All four of these young will develop from the same egg which is rather amazing. And if that wasn’t enough, they even share the same placenta.


Are they blind?

A common myth about the armadillo is that they are blind. This is not true, they are not like moles and completely blind, armadillos can see but they do have terrible eyesight compared to you and I…excuse the pun!

Armadillo Conclusion

Even with the potential of spreading diseases through clawing and biting, armadillos are not considered dangerous to pets or humans. They are exceedingly small and will only attack when they have no choice but to protect themselves. These are beautiful creatures that should be respected and not feared.

These are fascinating little animals that live peacefully, sleep during the day and come out at night to feed themselves and their family. If you hear something crawling in the leaves the next time you are out in the forests, stay still and quiet to try and capture this magnificent mammal. Good luck!

PS – And no, they don’t lay eggs!!!