Squirrel Damage

Squirrels are cute animals to watch. Their silly behavior is entertaining to anyone. However, do not let their perceived innocence blind you. When squirrels get into your yard or garden, they can cause unimaginable damage. Squirrels can damage your roofing shingles, chew wires, and dig up garden vegetation.

Squirrels belong to the rodent family and can cause problems worse than that of other rodents like rats and mice. To help you prevent this, this article discusses various damage squirrels cause as well as their signs.

Dug up flower bulbs and Chewed wires


Do you have planted bulbs in your yard? Well, when squirrels enter your yard, they will uproot the planted bulb. These rodents love eating the bulbs. Also, the bulbs leave holes behind which become a good place for the squirrels to store their food.

Further, when squirrels come across electric wires, they chew them. This aspect possesses a threat of fire outbreak in your yard or home. Plus, they can chew up insulation which can cause electric shocks to your loved ones or circuit shorts.

Squirrels damage your garden

Squirrels love crops, vegetables, fruits and nuts. They have a high appetite for your favorite fruits and vegetables, which create an abundunt food supply for them. Like you, they do not eat unripe crops. The squirrels will wait until the vegetation is ripe. So, you’ll be competing for the plants with them.

The most disheartening part is that they eat fruit partially, which leads to considerable damage to your home garden. They will also chew on your trees and other foliage. These rodents can also build a nest in your garden resulting in massive damage to crops and other essential structures in the yard.

Damage on the roofing or building materials


Determination is one of the squirrel’s many traits. If it does not get enough food in your garden, this rodent will use any available hole or opening to get into your house. One way squirrels do this is by chewing your roofing shingles.

In case your home has wooden parts, squirrels will chew through to make a sizable entry point. The rodent will continue chewing every obstacle in their way. They will also chew on your insulation and wires. Which can expose your house to electric-related risks.

Gnawed furniture

Squirrels have strong and sharp teeth. This aspect enables them to chew any material including plastics and metal. For this reason, squirrel damage to furniture is a common scenario. When they gain access to your yard or house, they will tear your furniture. The interior material of the furniture is crucial for their nests. Sometimes, they can use the furniture as their habitat.

Final thoughts

As you can see, squirrels can cause damage to your home and yard. Squirrels damage your crops, planted bulbs, fruits, trees, and building materials. This rodent can also cause damage leading to electric fires and shocks by destroying wires and insulations. Hence, it is crucial to find ways to control or prevent their presence in your yard.