Geese Prevention and Repellents

Natural surroundings, green meadows, lush blue lakes, and beautiful birds are a sight to experience. But, not all birds are worth watching as a few can create some great nuisance in your backyard, lawn, or property. Canadian Geese are one of the largest birds found around the human habitat.

These birds are no-nonsense as they can create a mess on your property. An ongoing fun party can turn into havoc as they easily get annoyed.

Some of the problems these geese can cause:

  • Turn lush green lawns or fields into barren land.
  • Damage the whole backyard, lawn, or pond of a property and can cost the owners thousands of dollars.
  • They are also the producer of waste that emits a horrible smell that can be experienced by shoppers, residents, eateries, etc. This can make eating, standing, or living miserable for the nearby residents.
  • Adult geese can pose much danger to kids, dogs, and even adults if they have their offspring with them. They chase away people from a particular area.
  • The loud noise adult geese produce is another type of nuisance that may take a toll on your business or surroundings.

But yes, they can be kept away by following certain tips and using DIY geese repellents that will not only protect your property but business and people living nearby too. Let’s take a look into prevention methods and DIY repellents.

Tips to Deter Geese from Your Property

1. Do Not Feed the Geese

Feeding the geese can attract them to your property. If you are giving away bread crumbs to the waterfowls then you must not think of feeding them to geese. First, human food is not great for them and second, they get domesticated easily. So, to stop letting these birds near your surroundings you can ask the authorities or community to create guidelines not to feed them.

2. Build a Fence


A 30-inch tall wire fence or a barrier can keep the birds out of your lawn, field, or pond. These fences and the wire grid will keep the geese away from entering into the pond near your property. Even placing large stones near the property can deter these geese from your place.

Let Grass Grow Taller

Geese feed on young grass shoots and not tall grass. If the grass is taller than 6 inches, it will make the geese instantly leave your property. The thing you need to keep in mind to get tall grass is that you must limit the amount of fertilizers or water. Geese choose to be in open spaces that help them get away from predators.

Scare the Geese Away

Human body language or angry expressions can make these birds aggressive. If you want to scare them off your property, then you can create loud noises. These noises can be created with the help of loudspeakers, fireworks, and air horns.

You can also use distressed geese voice CDs to keep them away, but this is a temporary source of deterrence. Install some advanced equipment that can create loud noises to keep geese at bay. Even fake decoys of alligators, coyotes, or geese can be used to scare them away. Herding dogs also prove resourceful in getting geese out of your yard or field.

Search for the Geese's Nests


It is necessary to locate the geese nests and to not let them create nesting areas near the pond of your property. Geese find proper nesting areas safe from predators and build oval type nests with the help of mulch and vegetation. You must approach the geese nest carefully so that the birds do not get aggressive or attack to defend their territory.

DIY Repellents to Keep Geese Away

Many repellents are available online or at stores to keep geese away, but a few of them can be quite expensive. For this, you can use some DIY repellents that are cheap and can be found in your home.

  • Chemical Sprays: - You can use chemical repellents available in your nearby stores. Just fill in the garden sprayer and sprinkle the chemical on the dry grass so that the geese can be averted from laying eggs.

  • Use Yarns: - Twisted yarns or ties can be used to tie plastic bags to poles a few feet apart from each other. As the breeze will blow, these tied plastic bags will move in the wind and scare the geese off.

  • Corn Oil Used for Addling: - Addling is the safest way to keep the geese eggs from hatching and it is a humane option. You can remove the eggs from nests, treat them with the corn oil, and addle them to remove them from the residential and surrounding areas.

  • Make a Scarecrow: - By putting the scarecrow in your lawn or field, you can keep these geese away. It can be made with raw straw and to make it more effective you can put air horns or sound devices nearby to scare the birds away.



By following these tips and using some DIY methods, homeowners can surely scare geese away from their property. These are all humane ways to prevent and repel geese. Even the addling of eggs is one of the safest ways to keep the offsprings from becoming part of this mess. People who have tried nearly everything or are still looking for permanent solutions can call their local professional pest control company.