Fox Prevention


Foxes are small, intelligent animals that can make their way into many places. These creatures are nocturnal predators and are known to eat trash and attack cats and other smaller animals. Foxes are also animals that love to dig tunnels under sheds and buildings. Although they are very cunning and smart, there are many ways that can be used to restrict and also discourage them from digging or hunting in your yard or garden.

Clean Up Around your Home or Building

  • Clean up all food debris in your yard or garden. Leaving food in these places will attract wild animals like foxes, and encourages them to return.
  • Place all trash in airtight containers or cans. Foxes can tear open plastic bags left overnight. The use of trash cans prevents foxes from reaching the bags.
  • Put all the compost materials in a special container. The odor and easy access to decomposing food and organic materials left in a compost heap attract foxes. Place the compost material in a container to prevent the foxes from getting close as it decomposes.
  • Avoid using fish bones as organic fertilizers in your garden. The fox will definitely mistake its smell with that of its food and will search for it. Use alternative organic fertilizers like coffee beans or diluted beer.

Prevention Methods

  • Soak rags or wood with some natural fox repellent, such as wolf or coyote urine. Put the rags or wood in all the fox holes or digs in your yard to discourage the animal from returning to the area.
  • Dig a 1 foot (30 cm) deep trench around the base of your shed or garage. Place a 1-foot-high (30 cm) piece of wire fence in each trench and bury it to prevent foxes from digging around the shed or garage.
  • Build a fence around your patio or garden. Build a wooden or wire fence at least 6 feet high (1.80 m) around the area you want to keep free of foxes. Build this fence over the other underground fence, for more comprehensive protection.

Keep Animals and Livestock Away

  • Keep your pets indoors at night. Small pets like cats or small dogs are easy prey for foxes. Keep them indoors when foxes are most active at night, to protect them and discourage foxes from going to your yard to fetch pets.
  • Keep all farm animals, such as chickens or rabbits, in a secure chicken coop overnight. Place the animals in a solid-floor chicken coop to prevent foxes from digging into the shelter, and lock the door of the chicken coop.

The following processes are in-depth guidelines that you can follow; it’s effective and it’s the best way to keep away foxes from your pets, garden, and yards. It is also effective for your safety as well, if you have kids, you should also take note of these precautions. Foxes are wild animals; they will feed on any little prey that comes their way. So, it is important that we take note of the measures indicated to prevent foxes, and maintain an atmosphere where our pets and family can stay safe.