How to get Mice out of your Attic


When you’ve got boxes, photo albums, artwork and other personal belongings stored up safely in your attic, you don’t want mice destroying them. You want to do everything you can to get rid of the little creatures as fast as possible. During the long winter months, chances are, mice are trying to find a warm place in your house.

The average mouse can fit through a 6mm gap in the wall but not to worry, we’ve carefully compiled 5 things you can do to quickly get mice out of your attic.

1. Seal The Holes


We all know mice can’t come into the attic magically, this isn’t some fictional cartoon, there’s got to be an entry point. So, maybe it’s time to seal them up. Move around the house and look out for those holes through which they are likely to pass through. After spotting the inlets, seal it up permanently with cement or install metal and screw it in for a perfect fit- mice are very unlikely to chew metals. The next place to look at is your environment, have you got overgrown weeds outside your house? Maybe it’s time to cut them down. Is the refuse dump filled up? Maybe it’s time to trash it out. Keeping your environment tidy is a good way to keep the mice away.

2. Use A Mouse Block

Now that you’ve taken care of the external access, let’s focus on getting the mice within the attic out with some smarter tactics. Mouse blocks contain mice poison and can be used in an attic. Spread them around the attic and focus on the edges, we know mice like to pry those edges. This smart removal eliminates the mice in a way that leaves them dried up and odorless. Ensure you return to take out the remains.

3. Trap Them In

Depending on your choice, the plastic and metal mice traps are efficient in confining mice. After cleaning up and arranging the attic, set the spring-loaded traps around strategic areas. Especially areas where you spotted mouse droppings while cleaning up. Ensure you check back to get rid of the bodies and avoid the stench.

4. Use A Glue Board

Set up glue boards around the corners of the attic. You can decide to add food baits to the board but you can be sure that once the mouse walks into the board it’ll be glued in and keep struggling until you return. The boards are easily disposable, for most of them, all you need to do is tilt the other end of the board and throw out the waste.

5. Hire A Professional


If you’re too busy to practice some of these measures, then you should consider hiring a professional pest removal service. There could be many in your area who are professional and offer efficient services. This could ease the burden; you deserve a healthy, mouse-free life!