Pigeon Prevention and Repellents

Pigeons are one of the most common types of birds as their population is growing fast around the world and they can be spotted anywhere including rooftops, parking garages, trees, shops, etc. As their numbers are increasing so is their waste product. The excessive amount of waste is dangerous for humans and nonliving things as it is unaesthetic and unhygienic and may cause plants to die or iron to rust. Pigeons also carry many severe diseases which could be dangerous. They carry diseases such as ornithosis, encephalitis, and salmonellosis, but humans are unlikely to be affected by these diseases.

In some instances, the excessive layer of their droppings may cause fungi. In order to stop pigeons from coming to your balcony, home, farm or any other place, do not feed them, and ensure that trash is not easily accessible to them.

Physical Repellents


Many repellents can be used to prevent pigeons from appearing. You can use stainless steel, plastic, or nylon netting which should consist of ¼ wide inch holes which will be suitable for the prevention of these birds. With these nets you can prevent pigeons from coming near any building.

The best repellent that can be used to prevent pigeons is plastic or stainless steel bird’s spikes. Their sharp teeth will work to stop pigeons from landing on the areas that the spikes are placed. These spikes are for all bird species and are universal. Just like the nets, they can be placed anywhere with the help of glue.

Another innovative repellent is a motion-activated water sprinkler. These sprinklers can be located anywhere around your home, gardens, etc. They have a range of 120 degrees and can even be used during the night.

Visual/Sonic Repellents


Another repellent that can be used are visual and sonic methods. Pigeons are scared by loud noises made by sonic devices and by bright lighting. These repellents will ensure that pigeons will stay away from your home or any other place.

Chemical Repellents

Chemical repellent is another option for preventing and repelling pigeons. One chemical repellent is gel that can be used anywhere on your railings, balcony, or elsewhere. These gels are transparent and will guarantee that birds will not land where it is placed. These gels are easy to clean and can be washed off.

Another chemical repellent that can be used is a liquid deterrent. These liquid deterrents have a sharp smell and unpleasant taste and can be used by mixing with water and spraying near the places you want pigeons and other birds to avoid.

All of the methods and repellents mentioned above can be used to prevent pigeons and protect your home from these birds.