How to get raccoons out of your yard?

Would you like to know how to keep away the raccoons that have taken up space in your yard for feeding or living? Or would you like to deter those who prowl around your house, so they never come back? Here are some tips to help you get them away from your yard, as well as the methods used by professional exterminators to control these furry visitors.

Why keep raccoons away?

This bothersome animal can be found in both country and suburban homes, and even in city dwellings throughout North America. While they may seem cute, these critters are the primary carrier of the rabies virus in the United States.  Remember to be extremely vigilant when it comes to controlling the raccoons around your home. Although you may unlikely be the victim of a bite from a raccoon with rabies, it is still better to avoid approaching this unpredictable wild animal and entrust the task to professionals.

Surefire Ways to get raccoons out of your yard

Cut off their food sources.

If raccoons are just prowling around your house, without having made their nest in your yard, be very careful in storing your garbage. For these aces of diggings, overflowing trash establishes a free celebration buffet. Make sure your containers are solid and very difficult to open. Remember that raccoons are skillful with their hands. Wash your trash bin regularly with bleach. Also, avoid leaving pet food and bird seeds outside overnight. Enclose your garden with a metal fence (or hen fence) over one meter high, fixed on solidly planted posts. Spread the odor of a raccoon-dangerous predator in the garden and around your trash cans. You will find this kind of repellent commercially (coyote urine).

Scare them away


You can also install lights that detect movement near your garbage cans or your garden, or even an ultrasonic device unless you have pets or chickens. Installing sprayers with motion detectors is also a great idea if you're looking for ways to keep raccoons away. If you don't have children or pets, you can spray a homemade mixture of boiled water, cayenne pepper, and hot sauce in your backyard to get raccoons out of your yard.

Cover the entrances


If you know the location of the burrow in your yard, make sure that there are no baby raccoons inside. They are born in May and come out in July. They create entrances and exits by ripping off siding and other access points. Cover any found entrances with wire mesh buried deep in the ground.

Capture and relocation in the forest


A professional exterminator will know how to keep raccoons away in the long term. They can find where their nest is and then capture them using a capture cage with food bait or with other specialized tools for capture or extraction. It will relocate the whole family of raccoons in the forest, far from your home. It can effectively block all possible entrances to avoid another invasion. The professional exterminator can, if necessary, decontaminate the nest site, which will also remove odors that could attract other pups.