How to get Mice out of your Garbage


Hearing scratching noises in the middle of the night just to find a new rodent roommate the next morning is not an ideal scenario for anyone. Discovering mice in your household, no matter how long you’ve lived there, always comes as an unpleasant surprise. You might have seen droppings that those little animals left behind or caught them in action when they were going through your garbage – the effect is the same: you know you have a new roommate who will not pay rent and can be a threat to you and your family’s health.

However, to avoid this from happening, you can take simple steps in your daily life to make sure mice won’t come near your household.

Reasons why you have mice in your house

Before discussing how to get mice out of your garbage, it is important to explain why you have mice in your house in the first place. First, mice are capable of squeezing into very small spaces, which almost every house has – may it be structural openings made for water, gas or electrical lines. Mice can travel through those lines from the dirt or sewer, and this is how they can get into the wall and floor cavities. One of the biggest attractants for mice is the lack of sanitation in the residency.

Leftover garbage, unsealed food, or generally any kind of accessible food source are a feast to a group of those rodents. Even dry food like bread or pasta can catch the attention of mice if not cleaned properly underneath your kitchen units. It is also worth mentioning that mice like to relocate, so if you hear about a rodent invasion in your neighbor’s house, there is a big possibility your home may be the next stop on their trip.

Keeping Mice out of your Garbage

Leftover trash is one of the main reasons why mice are attracted to your household. That’s why taking care of your garbage is crucial if you want to get rid of those rodents. The most important thing is to empty your garbage cans regularly, otherwise mice and other rodents, such as rats, will be coming back to your home or garden. Mice are attracted to its smell, so the longer garbage is leftover, the bigger possibility of finding the rodents there. Moreover, mice will see this as an opportunity not only to feed but also to shelter.

Emptying your garbage regularly guarantees that it will not start smelling intensively and therefore won’t bring the rodents to your garden. It is also important to understand that if the mice appear in your garden, there is a big possibility of them moving into your house.

That’s why it is essential to empty your garbage frequently. Cleanliness and tidiness are the most important steps that you can take to keep the mice out of your household. To help with that, you can also think about proper fencing around your property to protect your place from rodent infestations. You should check your fence regularly for any gaps or rotten spots, which can help mice and other animals get into your property.

Summing Up

Attracting mice to your household is avoidable with very simple steps. You need to make sure to empty your garbage routinely so that the intensive smell doesn’t attract the rodents. Getting a fence around your property is another good idea of keeping the animals out. Good sanitation is definitely the most important step in getting mice out of your garbage or house.