Hire a Bat Removal Professional


Do you suspect or know that you have bats in your home? Then you will need to consult with a bat removal professional on how to remove bats safely and efficiently to ensure that your home is kept bat-free. The following guide will help you learn more about when to hire a bat removal professional and why you need to hire a professional to handle this task.

Signs You Need to Hire a Bat Removal Professional

You may need to hire a bat removal professional if your home has any bats inside. Bats may roost inside homes if the home is in an area with a high bat population or if the bats’ natural roosting areas have been reduced. Bats typically roost inside attics and chimneys, but they may also roost inside walls or other areas of the home.

The following are some signs that your home may have bats:

  • Guano droppings or spots on window sills, inside chimneys, or on the side of the house

  • Guano odor; guano has a very musty, overwhelming and acidic smell

  • Sounds of rustling, squeaking or chirping inside the attic, chimney or walls

  • Spotting bats entering or exiting the home via various entry points


The signs that you experience can depend on the number of bats inside your home. The larger the number of bats, the more likely that you will spot the signs earlier.

Why Should You Hire a Bat Removal Professional?

It is important to hire a bat removal professional if you suspect you have bats in your home. The following are 3 primary reasons why you need to call in a professional instead of attempting to handle the situation on your own.

Difficulty of Trapping Bats in Certain Situations

Bats can be difficult to trap, especially if they are living in your walls, chimney or in an area of your home where it is not easily accessible. If you aren’t an experienced animal removal professional, you will not know how to efficiently and safely trap bats who have found themselves living inside walls or other difficult to reach areas. You may also miss certain important steps that are necessary for ensuring bats don’t return to your home after being removed.

Dangers of Trying to Catch Bats on Your Own

Bats are not inherently aggressive, but they may attempt to attack if they feel threatened. That is why bat removal professionals use certain tactics that can remove bats from a home without causing them to feel attacked. Bats can carry disease, so it’s important not to try to catch bats on your own if you are not a professional.

Humane and Safe Professional Removal

Most areas have laws ensuring that bats are protected due to their importance in the ecosystem. A professional bat removal service will be able to safely remove bats without harming them, so they can continue reducing insect populations, pollinating flowers and otherwise do their part in the local ecosystem.

If you suspect you have bats in your home, contact a bat removal professional today.