Get Pigeons off of your Roof


Getting pigeons off your roof shouldn't be that hard a task to accomplish, especially when you're armed with the necessary information required to get them off your property. Pigeons are homers, which means that if they find a home on your roof you can be sure they'll always return. They've also got good eyesight and will not risk landing on surfaces that'll tangle their wings- which can be used against them. If they've made a mess out of your roof, then you should try out these solutions that'll keep the birds off your roof irrespective of how long they've been up there.

Tip 1: Deploy the spikes


Earlier in our article, we mentioned that pigeons have great eyesight and will not land in a place that smells of danger. The spikes can be strategically positioned on your rooftop, especially in areas where pigeons roost. It has piercing edges that the pigeons will never be comfortable landing on. These spikes can be purchased at your local store, they are affordable and very effective in keeping the pigeons away.

Tip 2: Apply a Pigeon Gel

We're still discussing pigeons and how to help them relocate off your roof, these birds are messy and loud animals and they have a way of leaving their droppings as a signature on rooftops. Well you have another option of using a pigeon gel. Apply some of it on notable areas where they roost and other key areas of the rooftop, always have on a protective glove and mask during the whole process. After a while, check back and you can be sure you'll have some pigeons stuck in it already. Next, remove the wastes and your roof is a safer place.

Tip 3: Secure the Property

When the environment around your home is untidy or has become a place where pigeons are certain to find food, before long they'll want to always stay around and even go through your roof for better access into the house for the main food source. Here's our advice, stop feeding pigeons around your house and don't allow bird feeders to remain on your property. You can also continuously apply pressure from your water hose to keep sending the pigeons signals that they aren't wanted on your property.

Tip 4: Employ the Service of Pigeon Control Specialists.


There are professionals who'll be more than ready to ease you of the burden of "pigeon-chasing" but of course that's at a fair service charge. These specialists offer advice to homeowners and help them solve all the problems related to pigeon infestation. Also they eliminate every trace of pigeon twig buried in your rooftop, pressure wash the ceiling, and apply bleach sprays to get rid of the pigeon odors. Also, they secure the hideouts on your rooftops that compel the pigeons to find another place to build a nest.

Practice these tips and before long, you'll have said goodbye to foul smells, pigeon wastes, and droppings on your rooftop.