How to get bats out of your house


If you are here, perhaps, you have bats in your house? You probably don't like bats being in your home and don’t like them flying all over, making a mess with their droppings, while you have to clean it up. You don't want their offensive odor nor their unbearable noise; So, you want to get rid of them.

Well, hiring professionals is probably the best way to go. But if you think you got this, you have come to the right place. I will be sharing with you a guide and steps to take on effective bat removal from your house. Let's start with the essential things to note.

Things to Note about Bat Removal

You can't just remove bats with out checking a few things. There are a few crucial things you ought to be aware of before you embark on this humane bat control effort. These are things that should be considered:

  • Local Laws: Don't consider picking up a gun and shooting a colony of bats away from your house. Why? These pests are backed by the law. Bats are recognized as an important species to the ecosystem, threatened by extinction in most states and counties. Thus, they are protected. You can only exclude them during certain times of the year.

  • Mating Season: There is a time of the year you cannot exclude or expel bats. That is during their mating season. The nursing and young bats are most vulnerable during this period, which falls between May 15th and August 15th. If you are reading this article during this season, you will have to wait a little while.

  • Utmost Care: Now, utmost care is very vital when excluding bats from your home. You want to mindful of the diseases they might be carrying. You want to be mindful of your property while going about the business. And most certainly, you also want to be sure you don't bring harm to these little flying mammals.

  • Ineffective Repellents and Traps: Bat repellents and traps have been decried as unproductive means of controlling bats these days. Many repellents are said to be toxic to both bats and humans. At the same time, traps have proven vain since bats can always squeeze themselves through the tiniest of holes imaginable. Bat exclusion is the best way to go.

Steps on how to get bats out of your house

Now that you are more enlightened, I believe, let's go through the steps to take to successfully remove bats from your residence.

  • Open Assessment: The first step you need to take is to inspect your house where the bats have invaded. Your main aim here is to locate the entry and exit points of the bats – how do these bats come in, and how do they get out?

  • Close Assessment: This step is akin to the first one. Only that, here, you will appraise the bats carefully to know the species you are dealing with. Different species of bats have different processes. Thus, this information is vital.

  • Bat Exclusion: Having observed their season, and your timing is right, you can now proceed to the third step, which is exclusion. Oh, don't be thrown by that word. Exclusion is simply the process that allows bats to exit their abode but denies them re-entrance. You have already located their main access points in the first step. Thus, minor access points to the colony are entirely blocked, while bat valves or bat cones are installed at the main access point(s). Cool, right?

  • Sealing of the home: Once you are sure the bats are all gone, the next step is to seal up the exit points. Usually, it only takes a few days, say 2 to 4. All of the bats would have exited your house. But, do well to double-check before you seal up the access points – just to ensure no bat is trapped within.

  • Disinfection: Now that your home is now yours again, indeed, you need to disinfect the area of invasion. This is the final step. Bats are known disease carriers, primarily through their guano (droppings). So, you need to take this seriously. You sure don't want a past incident affecting you in the future.